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Marketing Manager with 5 years of experience in marketing strategies, and innovative execution of marketing tactics. Holder of a proven record in managing products and projects successfully across industries. Expert in building and managing brands through various marketing channels, including Social Media, Email Marketing, Digital Media Buy, Content Marketing, and many more. Created sustainable growth for companies through engaging campaigns, creative content, video production and development. Trained over 30 sales and marketing specialists.


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Mohammad Tayyab

Working with Ahmed Alhariri is always an incredibly productive and satisfying experience. Ahmed always gets the brief from the get go, and any parameters and considerations that need to kept in mind – whether operational or budgetary – are grasped in a single sitting, retained for the entire period of the project and extending to future projects; I have never felt the need to constantly remind the Ahmed of our objectives and brand.

Mohammad Tayyab

Abdul Rehman

We have been working with Ahmed Alhariri since 2019. We started working with him for UI Designing for one of our Website – and today he helps us with Google Campaign’s, Google PPC and website content for almost all our business. The biggest thing he brings on the table is the enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I really appreciate the insights and advise he provides.

Abdul Rehman

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