Tang is purchased in about thirty-five countries and is available in a variety of flavors depending on where it is being purchased.

In the Middle East, more than half of Tang’s annual sales happen in just six weeks around Ramadan where many families gather for dinner or an event with a variety of food and they drink Tang.

In June 2011, Kraft Foods announced that Tang has become its twelfth billion-dollar brand, with global sales nearly doubling since 2006 and how international Tang markets were pushing hard on their sales. Although the sales of Tang did not come close to Coca-Cola and other sodas and vitamin water sales, they still made good revenue. The brand in 2010 controlled a category-best 15.6% of the international powder concentrate market although, like other highly processed or sweetened beverages, demand in developed economies has stagnated or fallen in line with consumers increasing preference for lower calorie drinks. In 2018, Tang’s manufacturer Mondelez reported a drop in sales following the introduction of tax on calorific sweetened beverages in the Philippines.

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